Providing global consultancy, affiliate and marketing services for start ups and existing companies. (Marketing, planning, strategy etc)

Offering advice, help and guidance to private individuals wanting the start an online business or create residual income streams.

About me!

Brian McGinty, happily married father of four! Loves travel, learning and sport.

Professional Journey

From a family of Funeral Directors, I had a great education, studied law in college, moved into retail management and subsequently property sales / sales management.

After twelve years of offline, sales I started my online journey in 2010….But not by choice!

I met my future wife Emma, a Christian Missionary, who became chronically unwell with M.E. and was unable to work. Needing to be at home to look after her meant working online was the ONLY option.

If we were going to have a family, and she was going to get better, an online business HAD to work!

Online V Offline

My initial reluctance to work online, was soon replaced with the delight at the discovery of passive, residual income streams. I also became involved in subjects such as personal development, monetary history, blockchain technology and financial education!

All my life I was just trading my time for money and didn’t realise. Even lawyers, doctors and “famous” people simply trade time for money and have little freedom to live how they wish.

Everyone should have the financial education and residual income so they can live the life they want and have the time freedom to do it.

The Rewards Of Online Business

We were married in 2013, have been blessed with three more wonderful children, Emma is much better, we are living in the beautiful island of Malta.

Supporting Individuals

I know what a blessing online income is and helping people create financial freedom will always be my passion.

Millions are losing their jobs in 2021 but I/We know we can help anyone build a successful online business in a matter of weeks! We have the solutions people are looking for.

  • If you already have a home business simply use GSPartners and CryptoPerformance to create safe additional streams of income.
  • If you don’t have a business or residual income stream already, use my recommendations and support to save yourself time and effort.

Online business, income stream essentials!

When looking for an online business opportunity I recommend the following criteria, all of which are found in GSpartners and Crypto-Performance.

  • Real products that people will love, want and can use!
  • Instant or reliable delivery of products.
  • Customers and Partners in full control of their assets.
  • Easily explained to potential clients or customers!
  • Potential for passive/residual income!
  • Low cost to start! (Free or under $500 / €450 / £400)
  • Easy for a novice to understand and manage.
  • Excellent support for customers and partners.
  • Excellent commissions… Paid on time – instantly or weekly!
  • A simple compensation/rewards plan!
  • Transparent company ownership! (You want to know who you are working with, real offices etc)
  • Available worldwide.

Now that you have discovered how to attract hundreds of leads you will need an easy affiliate business to build. Check out my my top recommendations for businesses which you can start now and have huge success with into 2021.