Need an online business?

If you don’t already have an online business please take a look at my recommendations for safe, reliable home businesses you can start today.

These are MY criteria to become a recommended business.

  • Real products that people will love, want and can use!
  • Potential for passive income! (You don’t want to be searching for clients forever)
  • Low cost to start! (Free or under $500 / €450 / £400)
  • Easy for a novice to understand and manage.
  • Excellent support! (You don’t want to become support, trust me!)
  • Excellent commissions… Paid on time!
  • A simple compensation plan!
  • Transparent company ownership! (You want to know who you are working with, real offices etc)
  • Available worldwide!

Now that you have discovered how to attract hundreds of leads you will need an easy affiliate business to build. Check out my my top recommendations for businesses which you can start now and have huge success with into 2021.